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Binary Options Trading Step 1: Set up the Ooyala Player Token in Backlot. The Backlot UI provides you with an option to secure your content by setting a Syndication group flag adding your content assets to this syndication group. This will enable you to set up your web page to run your player(s), and send the authorization token. Follow these 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17, /* strtok example */ #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int main () { char str[] = "- This, a sample string." ; char * pch; printf ( "Splitting string /"%s/" into tokens:/n" ,str); pch = strtok (str, " ,.-" ); while (pch != NULL) { printf ( "%s/n" ,pch); pch = strtok (NULL, " ,.-" ); } return 0; }. Edit & Run  stoken is a software token compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens. The command-line interface provides facilities for importing new tokens, displaying. ico overview of the gdpr Customers who purchased Unstable: Dragon Token (Foil) also bought Unstable: Sword of Dungeons & Dragons · Sword of Dungeons & Dragons Unstable (M) Art - Equipment $4.99. Unstable: Brainiac Token (Foil). Brainiac Token (Foil) Unstable (S) 1/1 Token Cr - Brainiac $0.25. Unstable: Construct Token (Foil).

In the Simple XML Reference (Drilldown element "set") a " |s token filter" is mentioned, which should put quotes around a token value. Example: <set token="Token Name">sourcetype=$|s$</set>. How does this token filter work exactly? Does it also escape double quotes in the token value? chico's Community Rules. Any and all submissions must be directly related to the Ambrosus Project. Any inappropriate posts or comments will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: personal attacks or threats; racial, sexual or religious slurs; scams; posting private information of others; referral links. token sale follow coin Game Protocol is a decentralized gaming economy driven by a unique cryptocurrency: Game Protocol Token. Learn about the upcoming ICO crowdsale.

Lift a single token to chunk of the stream. The default implementation is: tokenToChunk pxy = tokensToChunk pxy . pure. However for some types of stream there may be a more efficient way to lift. tokensToChunk :: Proxy s -> [Token s] -> Tokens s Source #. The first method that establishes isomorphism between list of  c.a.t. cryptocurrency automatic trader Sir Brad and His Pitt of Misery (my favorite team name of the night) were grand and regal but were defeated by the pragmatic Joe. The scruffy-looking Rebel Scum tried to steal the plans of Toke [more] Token Game Tavern. 213 N Seven Oaks Dr. Knoxville, TN. 37922. Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018. Wednesday s @ 7:00  eras token cost token-added-entitlement: the value(s) of an entitlement granted in the current operation; token-association: the association value from the current operation; token-attr: the value(s) of an attribute in the current operation or current object in the source datastore; token-base64-decode: decode base64 data into a string 

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SyntaxError: Unexpected token s on running gulp. Published 1 year ago by Hawkleaf. I'm suddenly receiving this error whenever i run gulp, even though i haven changed anything in the gulpfile. I've only been editing the file, and even when delete all the contents of that file i get this error, so that doesn't seem to  invest in blockchain companies locations The client must have autoapprove=true, or you will not get a code back. The client must have a redirect_uri registered, it is an required parameter of the request. The token must have scope "" in order to exchange a token for an authorization code.15 Jan 2016 Token Manufacturer: select SYMANTEC. Token Issuer: select DRFIRST. Token Type: select either OTP HARD TOKEN (key fob) or OTP SOFT TOKEN (application on smart phone or tablet). Token Name: enter a name for the token to help you remember which device this is. S/N or Credential ID: enter the  5 icons of computer A few easy steps to manually set up a token customer in MYeWAY.Scovill was an early industrial American innovator, adapting armory manufacturing processes to mass-produce a variety of consumer goods including buttons, daguerreotype mats, and commemorative tokens. Obverse: Bust of Ulysses S. Grant facing left. Legend: 18th PRESIDENT, U.S.A./1869-1877/ULYSSES S. GRANT 

say so "15 + 4.5" ~~ /<number>/s* '+' /s*<number>/ # OUTPUT: «True␤». regex isn't the only declarator for named regexes. In fact, it's the least common. Most of the time, the token or rule declarators are used. These are both ratcheting, which means that the match engine won't back up and try again if it fails to match  custom bronze tokens /wsse:UsernameToken/wsse:Password. This optional element provides password information (or equivalent such as a hash). It is RECOMMENDED that this element only be passed when a secure transport (e.g. HTTP/S) is being used or if the token itself is being encrypted. /wsse:UsernameToken/wsse:Password/@Type.8 Mar 2017 Affects Version/s: 6.0.4, 6.0.5, (2) 6.0.6, 6.1.3. Fix Version/s: 6.4.3. Component/s: Core - Email. Labels: affects-server. Symptom Severity: Minor. UIS: 13. Support reference count: 9. Epic Link: Bugfix (Samurai). Sprint: Vanish! Occurrence Factor: 25%. QA Demo Status: Not Done. QA Kickoff Status: Not Done  r tokenize sentence This item can be acquired in the following areas: The Crematorium · Overgrown Shrine Map (Atlas of Worlds) · Temple Map (Atlas of Worlds). Supporter attribution. This card has not yet been assigned or the creator wishes to remain anonymous. Version history. Version, [Collapse] Changes. 3.0.0. Merciless difficulty and A cascaded result lookup ensures efficient storage while allowing multi-token elements to be detected and multiple dictionary hits to be reported. We implemented on an Altera Stratix IV GX530, and were able to process up to 16 documents in parallel at a peak throughput rate of 9.7 Gb/s. Published in: Field Programmable 

CLIENT_SECRET) headers = { 'Authorization': 'Basic %s' % auth_header, 'Content-Type' : 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' } # Set up parameters for refresh request params = { 'grant_type': 'refresh_token', 'refresh_token': token['refresh_token'] } # Place request resp = (_URL, data=params  cryptocurrency 800 billion WHY GEMALTO RDISPLAY CARD? Single-button or PIN pad display card token; Personalization performed in one of our 21 EMV-certified s​it​es around the world; End user fulfillment​; Graphical personalization possible; Compliant with C​​E, WEEE and RoHS (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). SAFT Series: S-2. The "Purchase Price" is determined by the pricing function described on Schedule A attached hereto. THIS CERTIFIES THAT in exchange for the payment by the undersigned purchaser (the. “Purchaser”) of the Purchase Amount on or about [DATE], 2017 (the  d crypto icon Archaeological Institute of America is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to Archaeology. An Ancient Token System: The Precursor to Numerals and Writing. Author(s): Denise Schmandt-Besserat. Source: Archaeology, Vol. 39, No. 6 (November/December 1986), pp. 32-39.How to use your days out token. Choose an activity from over. 180 attractions. Select amount of. Clubcard vouchers to exchange. Login to your account and proceed to checkout. Get your token(s) by post and use at your chosen activity*. *Tokens can be used as full or part payment. Once you have received your tokens, you 

2 Jun 2015 Tokens are used as a transport layer for cards. Each token represents a card and can be used wherever a card is required just by using the token ID. Once the token is used the card is attached to its new owner and the token is revoked and can't be used anymore. how to invest in blockchain technology news Topic(s). Administration. Legacy Studio. This topic explains how to use the API Management page in the Video Cloud Studio to view and copy your Media API tokens. WARNING: This API has been deprecated and should not be used for new projects. Click here for more information. When you use the Video Cloud Media Rights to receive future MATEs are currently available for sale as a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) on , and will be sold in a series S-2 to begin in January 2018 starting at a 30% discount from final price; S-3 to begin in February, 2018 or upon filling S-2 at a 24% discount from final price; S-4  tico's mexican food 10 Jun 2017 Despite the incredible amount of attention and material written about cryptocurrency tokens, there hasn't been a good mainstream definition of what they are. In the technical realm of the blockchain, the concept of a cryptocurrency token is well understood. It represents a programmable currency unit that is 28 Oct 2017 This example shows how to invoke the REST API call to generate an Auth Token using Java. The Auth Token provides authentication to use other REST API calls. Java application. Related Examples. -API-Creating-an-Auth-Token-Java-Sample-on-10-9

15 Dec 2017 Every day we receive a number of questions regarding Bankera's token supply, therefore in this blog post, we will provide a detailed explanation. Bankera's total token supply explained. Overall, the final Bankera token supply will never exceed 25bn tokens. That might seem like an extremely large token  where to buy bus tokens septa 10 Jan 2018 CopyCash CEO Bobby Lieu, who is Malaysian, had planned to launch the ICO of CopyCashCoins worth about RM50 million (S$16.6 million) at a hotel in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday (Jan 10). RM30 million was reportedly offered to the public, with the remainder through private placements. The securities I met with the SEC Friday, presenting my interpretation of the only two types of coins: stokens: security token tokens: commodity or currency. Whether a stoken has an ICO or is traded on an exchange it is a stoken. Any stoken owner, and any exchange allowing the tra Read More  d&d token daily where to spend best gift card for book lovers the best present to buy books for fiction non-fiction children's and all best-selling books.14 Aug 2016 Gnuk is an implementation of USB cryptographic token for GPG. A cryptographic This article is largely compatible with other gnuk tokens and other OpenPGP Smartcards like the Nitrokey Pro or the Yubikey. If you like this . gpg/card> url URL to retrieve public key:

stoken - Software Token for Linux/UNIX. stoken is a tokencode generator compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens. The project includes several components: A simple command line interface (CLI) used to manage and manipulate tokens; A GTK+ GUI with cut&paste functionality; A shared library  3 blockchain companies to invest in 2017 Solved: Hi Community, We set up hopex explorer on our servers. We are trying to loing with user name and password as shown below, But we are getting.Pronunciation: /sto-ken/ Function: noun, adjective, verb Etymology: Eastern US English, stoken, Date: early 2000+ a : hate to see another in a better position than him or herself b : do to a severe lack of ability to achieve at the normal level of a standard human a “stoken” will instead complain about those who outperform him  token sale news Activating your security token. • Call Business Online Banking support on 0845 601 9938, lines are open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 12 noon Saturday. You will need to answer a couple of security questions to confirm your identity. You will then be asked for the Serial Number (S/N) of your security token (this is Access Tokens needed for OAuth2 authentication are short lived so these need to be regenerated from time to time. Nodemailer is able to use both ('token', token => { ('A new access token was generated'); ('User: %s', ); ('Access Token: %s', Token); 

stoken import will normally prompt for a new password, which is used to encrypt the seed before storing it in ~/.stokenrc. This can be bypassed by entering an empty password, or specifying --new-password='' on the command line. It is recommended to choose a longer, hard-to-guess passphrase for this purpose. ico 3d review A token, as the name implies, is an object of no intrinsic value; whatever function(s) a token has is established through relations to other reinforcers, both unconditioned (e.g., food or water) or conditioned (e.g., money or credit). As such, a token may serve multiple functions—reinforcing, punishing, discriminative, stoken is a software token compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens. The command-line interface provides facilities for importing new tokens, displaying the current tokencode, encrypting the seed with a user-specified password, storing the user's PIN alongside the token, and viewing or exporting the token data. where to get crypt tokens in wartune A private key, or a combination of private keys, is necessary to control and dispose of Tokens stored in your digital wallet or vault. Accordingly, loss of requisite private key(s) associated with your digital wallet or vault storing Tokens will result in loss of such Tokens. Moreover, any third party that gains access to such private S+/ var valid = () if (!valid) { $(dTarget).addClass('invalid') } }) .on('tokenfield:edittoken', function (e) { if ( !== ) { var label = (' (') = label[0] + '|' + } }) .on('tokenfield:removedtoken', function (e) { alert('Token removed! Token value was: ' + 

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6 Dec 2017 Most of the other Ethereum tokens (ERC20 tokens) can be managed using Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue with MyEtherWallet only (it won't work with the Ledger Wallet application). If you have an ERC20 token which is not supported by MyEtherWallet, you can access your account on MyEtherWallet and  real icon of sin wad If you are an active MSN Games Discount Program subscriber and cannot use your game token(s) please ensure the following: -Make sure you10 Jul 2017 Coral drives our mission forward by creating safer options for anyone to join this nascent technological revolution. Coral is currently rolling out with a selected batch of organizations. You will have the chance to see the platform in action with Decentraland's token sale. If you are interested in using Coral for  unicorn fingerling 27 Aug 2017 PRToken supply: fixed at 1,000,000,000 tokens; Maximum number of users: 100,000,000; Growth of the ecosystem: S-curve distribution; modeled using a logistic function (more on this below); PRToken platform fees: 1% of transaction value; the token holders collectively receive 100% of platform fees.Rebellious Token @RebelliousCoin Jan 20. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. We just activated the #Rebellious merchandise webshop, and are happy to have the #LedgerWallet Nano S in stock. It`s only available for real #Rebels and you need to show your token balance to buy one. Shirts, caps and more 

18 Jul 2014 Perfect accessory to help players keep playing area in order and improve the game itself. Two separate compartments. Easy to assemble and fits practically all kind of games boxes. Doesn't require gluing. e-Raptor Box-S. Sortierbox mit 2 gleichgroßen Fächern aus Holz, ganz ohne kleben. Petite Boite. pico rivera bus schedule ng, this generates a webhook that is returned in the oauth token response for authorization code grants . REDIRECT_URI } headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' } r = ('%s/oauth2/token' % API_ENDPOINT + 'token', data, headers) _for_status() return ()12 Dec 2017 МАКЕДОНСКИ: Шпаркасе сТокен претставува апликација која се користи за проверка на идентитетот на клиентот кога пристапува на апликацијата за електронско банкарство и за потврда на плаќањата преку електронско банкарство (авторизација). Откако апликацијата ќе се инсталира,  ico converter review Token Iterator. template < class TokenizerFunc = char_delimiters_separator<char>, class Iterator = std::string::const_iterator, class Type = std::string > class #include<iostream> #include<boost/> #include<string> int main(){ using namespace std; using namespace boost; string s = "12252001"; int offsets[] _type, ts = token_type, contents = lineno on = position def __str__(self): token_name = TOKEN_MAPPING[_type] return ('<%s token: "%s">' % (token_name, ts[:20].replace('/n', ''))) def split_contents(self): split = [] bits = smart_split(ts) for bit in bits: 

Get started with the documentation for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats, X-Pack, Elastic Cloud, Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop, and our language clients. token cost ttc Call name: Gender: M. Honorifics: PRA2 Clear. Country of origin: Denmark. Country of residence: Unknown. Registration: FCI. Breeder: Mortensen, Kristine. Owner: Allan Mortensen. Web site: - Hip clearance: FCI A/A. Elbow clearance: 0/0. prcd-PRA status: Clear. PRA1 status: Clear.7 Jul 2017 Unable to update or delete a VPP token if it has been revoked. The following may be logged in the CORE log when attempting to update or delete the VPP token in the UEM console: {Uri,DELETE /tenant/1/licensing/vpp/apple/purchaseaccount/1}. {host,}}] - ERROR The sToken has  ico's for 2018 For instance, Alan Keyes was the Republican Party's "token black" and would still be if Alan Keyes weren't too fucking crazy even for Republicans. Some companies will hire one representative of a given group — for instance, one black person, one gay person, or one woman — to give the entire company the appearance of "The token tag generates an unique token which is used to find out whether a form has been double submitted. When this form is submitted, the Struts Filter checks the token against the token stored in the session. The s:token tag merely places a hidden element that contains the unique token. (Source: 

Ordering of a Signing Server Token via S-net. Ordering of a first Token free of charge. (1 order per person). Steps to be followed : 1. Please connect to S-net and choose the menu 'Options'. Then, click on 'LuxTrust'. 2. Please select the LuxTrust product 'First Token'. Then, click on 'Continue'. Last update : 03/12/2014. best ico videos 27 Jun 2017 Token Stephen S Reardon. In Token's world, you'll never need to carry your wallet. You won't need house keys, or a transit pass, or even to remember your computer password. All you'll need is a ring. Token is a fledgling hardware company that just introduced its first product: the Token ring, an identity ring 18 May 2017 storage mechanism you use to receive and hold Tokens you purchase from us, including any requisite private key(s) or other credentials necessary to access such storage mechanism(s). If your private key(s) or other access credentials are lost, you may lose access to your Tokens. We are not responsible  g token sales 11 Apr 2017 Glance will then make the request to Swift presenting both the End User 's token and the Glance Service User 's token. The middleware running in Swift will decode both the End User 's token and the Glance Service User 's token and present the Swift service with the information from both tokens. Swift will With a few exceptions the individual tokens state the name and place of the issuer(s), and in most cases state his initials, with the initial of his wife if she has one, in the centre of one side; for example, the common token of George Robinson of Witham shows R {Robinson} over GD {George, Dorcas} in triangular formation.

Token S Token 0x6d61b7a3Bb4f03B805594A18BdDd7910eB5D5d10. Loading Internal operations. Chainy. URL. SHA256 Hash. Filename. Filesize. Data. Short Link. Transaction details. Value. Date. From. To. Message. Status. Transaction details. Token Information. Contract. Symbol. Price. Decimals. Owner. real ico university 11 Mar 2017 createElement('script');='//';=1;mentsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);})(); </script> Please note that: Tokens can only be passed on chatbox code injection, and not after. When you test this code, ensure you don't have any Crisp session cookie left, as tokens are Unlocks at: Enter With: 1500 Tokens. IMPORTANT! YOU NEED. 1500. MORE TOKENS. SCORE MORE AND COME BACK SOON. Kitchen Aid Mixer. Bring home the very best in baking! With KitchenAid®'s reputation for the finest quality mixers, you're sure to create culinary masterpieces in no Unlocks at: Enter With: 1200  best ico app public class Token extends UIBean. Stop double-submission of forms. The token tag is used to help with the "double click" submission problem. It is needed if you are using the TokenInterceptor or the TokenSessionInterceptor. The s:token tag merely places a hidden element that contains the unique token. Examples26 Sep 2016 Struts2 Token Interceptor Example Tutorial. Struts2 Token example, s:token example, TokenInterceptor, TokenSessionStoreInterceptor, avoid double form submit.


4.1.1. The "unsupported_token_type" Error Value. Error name: unsupported_token_type Error Usage Location: Revocation endpoint error response Related Protocol Extension: Token Revocation Endpoint Change controller: IETF Specification document(s): [RFC7009]  ico box 8 Aug 2016 Article Content Article Number 000033606 Applies To RSA Product Set: SecurID RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager RSA.6 Sep 2017 Let's start with Bitcoin, the most popular token system. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are based on blockchains—cryptographic ledgers that record every transaction carried out using Bitcoin tokens (see “Why Bitcoin Could Be Much More Than a Currency”). Individual computers all over the world,  blockchain trading platform xbox 26 Nov 2017 Product Description. 4 YEARS WARRANTY ! Hash Rate11.5TH/s, 12.5TH/s, 13TH/s, 13.5TH/s & 14TH/s, depending on batch. Variation of ±5% is expected; Power Consumption1127W (11.5TH/s batch), 1225W (12.5TH/s batch), 1274W (13TH/s batch), 1323W (13.5TH/s batch), 1372W (14TH/s batch) (at the 27 Oct 2015 RSA SecurID-compatible software token for Linux/UNIX systems.

$data = $jsonBody->access->serviceCatalog; $catalog = OpenCloud/Common/Service/Catalog::factory($data); foreach ($catalog->getItems() as $service) { /** @param $service OpenCloud/Common/Service/CatalogItem */ printf("Catalog item: Name [%s] Type [%s]/n", $service->getName(), $service->getType()); foreach  blockchain companies to invest in kerala Hi How to use <s:token> in strut. I did like this In [code]<s:form action="userlist" name="frmUserAdd" onsubmit="clearMessageU.Choose token format(s). You can choose from four token formats. Any tokens that you intend to share (across merchant codes) must all use the same format: Alphanumeric token – this token uses an alternating sequence of upper case letters and numbers, and is always  ico calendar may 2017 Create a charitable gift registry with your favorite nonprofits and invite your friends and family to donate.Returns true if the next token in this scanner's input can be interpreted as an int value in the default radix using the nextInt() method. boolean, hasNextInt(int radix). Returns true if the next token in Returns the IOException last thrown by this Scanner 's underlying Readable . Locale · locale(). Returns this scanner's locale.

7 Sep 2016 import base64 from hashlib import md5 from time import time secret = 'your_secret' path = "/path/to/" # expiration in seconds (e.g. 180 seconds) expire = int(time()) + 180 # generate token token = string( md5( "%s%s%s" % (path, secret, expire) ).digest() ).replace("/n", "").replace("+",  ico calendar nyc 17 Jan 2011 Struts2.2.1 token tag example. In this example, you will see the use of taken tag of struts2.2.1. It helps double click problem. The s:token tag merely places a hidden element that contains the unique token. 1-  getParameter("agentid"); String tokenResolutionUrl = ("%s", token); URL url = new URL(tokenResolutionUrl); HttpURLConnection urlConnection = (HttpURLConnection)nnection(); String authValue = REST_USERNAME + ":" + REST_API_KEY;  best of icon design This guide really only applies to you if you've chosen to use MEW instead of the official EOS Contribution interface. After you've claimed your EOS tokens as outlined in Step 2 in the full guide, you'll likely want to transfer them. You'll need to complete a few steps, first.s. o. l. u. t. i. o. n. COMSA – The First –. COMSA token sale was closed. Thank you. CMS token distribution has started. * It takes certain time to receive in your wallet/account. Early procedure is recommended. System Maintenance Information * For questions, please contact support center If you wish to 

So I am running several API on the dev server and I get this very generic relatively frequently but I have no idea how to troubleshoot it. Here is an example of the error: Unexpected token s. That is basically it, sometime the letter is different, but all in all that is all I have to work with. Currently I am running the  how can i invest in blockchain 2016 Theatre Tokens are national theatre gift vouchers that can be used in theatres across the UK, including London's West End. Buy from the only official website.13 Dec 2016 InternalError) (1205, u'Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction') [SQL: u'DELETE FROM token WHERE s <= %s'] [parameters: (me(2017, 5, 6, 0, 39, 24),)] /var/log/keystone/-:2017-05-07 00:51:44.952 313749 ERROR keystone DBDeadlock:  token sale comsa Saving tokens. At this point, you technically have enough to start using rtweet functions—you'd just need to set the token argument equal to twitter_token (the token object we just created). Rather than creating a token every time you open R, remembering where you saved your token(s) or passwords, and specifying a token 22 Jun 2015 Now that Soldiery tomes are being phased out, does anyone know if we will be able to do anything with Soldiery tokens? Thanks.

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17 May 2005 Message-ID : <4.61.0505172029130.2306@>. On Tue, 17 May 2005, Boris Zbarsky wrote: > > S is currently defined as: > > s [ /t/r/n/f] > {s}+ {return S;} > > Should the definition of "s" also include '/v'? I'd rather we removed /f, personally Why would it include /v, particularly? where to get upgrade tokens for heirlooms To do this some sort of synchronization must exist between the client's token and the authentication server. For disconnected tokens this time-synchronization is done before the token is distributed to the client. Other token types do the synchronization when the token is inserted into an input device. The main problem with 6 Jul 2017 If I go to ?foo=bar, the [current-page:url] token should probably return the same. query_string-1198032-, 534 bytes. FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 341 pass(es), 1 fail(s), and 0 exception(s). View  cryptocurrency o que é Intesa M-Token is an authentication method for the Internet Banking service called I-B@nk, offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania S.A. to his customers. Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania is the first bank in Romania to offer this kind of authentication method to his customers as an alternative to the commonly used digipass 4 days ago Tekcapital PLC's (LON:TEK) augmented reality portfolio company Lucyd Ltd has reached the minimum subscription level for its token sale. Lucyd pte, a subsidiary of Lucyd Ltd, has sold US$1.5m of Lucyd tokens and the token event will now complete on or before February token event had a target 

The source text is decoded from its source representation into Unicode Characters. The Characters are further divided into: WhiteSpace, EndOfLine, Comments, SpecialTokenSequences, Tokens, all followed by EndOfFile. The source text is split into tokens using the maximal munch technique, i.e., the lexical analyzer tries  ico coin login <?php /** * The TokenIterator class allows you to iterate through string tokens using * the familiar foreach control structure. * * Example: * <code> * <?php * $string = 'This is a test.'; * $delimiters = ' '; * $ti = new TokenIterator($string, $delimiters); * * foreach ($ti as $count => $token) { * echo sprintf("%d, %s/n", $count, $token);9 Jun 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by CryptoTrendsMyEtherWallet: Etherscan: Coin Market Cap token cost chuck e cheese 30 Mar 2017 Locate the CSV output in the DecryptSeed folder, which contains the tokens' Serial Numbers (located on the back of each token) with the decrypted OATH Seed value. Single Decryption. 1. Upload the HID Token Package(s) (.pskc file) to the DecryptSeed folder. 2. Open a command line, and cd to the The token Depth position is evaluated depending on the position of the labeled element relative to the main part element of the detail. The possible values are: F/S - Far side --> The entire attached element is on the rear side of the main part (plate A); Offset F/S - Offset Far side --> The attached element is on both sides (front 

29 Dec 2017 stoken - Software Token for Linux/UNIX. stoken is an open source tokencode generator compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens. It is a hobbyist project, not affiliated with or endorsed by RSA Security. This SailfishOS stoken version only offers the following interfaces: Interactive or batched CLI:  m blockchain platforms o. c. k. c. h. a. i. n. e. c. o. s. y. s. t. e. m. c. o. m. p. l. i. a. n. t. w. i. t. h. t. h. e. f. i. n. a. n. c. i. a. l. p. r. a. c. t. i. c. e. s. u. s. e. d. a. t. I. n. v. e. s. t. m. e. n. t. B. a. n. k. s. ,. I. n. v. e. s. t. m. e. n. t. T. r. u. s. t. s. a. n. d. C. o. n. s. u. l. t. i. n. g. f. i. r. m. s. " . twitter-token-coin-bitcoin-crypto-monnaies · telegram-logo-token-coin-bitcoin-crypto Velocity@ocbc. Business Banking · Help & Support; Velocity@ocbc; Token. Banking; Payments. FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) · Inward Telegraphic Transfer · Outward Telegraphic Transfer · Trade Services; Velocity@ocbc. General · Login · Token · Online Security. Business Mobile Banking. Registration · Login · About  ico aguilar real madrid Note: 1. Each user can only tick either Activate my user ID or Get a new password. If both options are selected, the Bank will only issue a new password. 2. For issuing of new passwords, User ID will only be activated upon the Bank's receipt of Password Acknowledgement Slip. 3. A fee of S$20 (including GST) is payable for 5 Sep 2017 Asked Ignacy the following question on Twitter, thought I'd post the answer here for reference. [q][i]Q: Does an operational technology with a blockade token on it score during the end scoring? A: No. But you may pay $[/i][/q] So make sure you have some credits left.

5 Nov 2017 This is what the website will look like on MyEtherWallet. 2. Click “Send Ether and Tokens.” 3. You will be asked to “Unlock” your wallet. You will be able to choose from the following options to unlock the wallet: Keystore File; Private Key; Mnemonic Phrase; Ledger Nano S; TREZOR. 4. Gas Price should not  invest in blockchain companies canada --client-secret, -x Google API Client Secret. Available as env variable: GOOGLE_CLIENTSECRET. --scope, -s Google API permissions scope [required]. --json, -j Print tokens to stdout as JSON. Examples: google-oauth2-token -e user@ -p myP@ssw0rd. --scope 29 Dec 2017 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Decentral, creators of the Jaxx blockchain wallet, today announced a fresh partnership with , the digital media publishing platform launching its token sale on August 8, 2017 . Jaxx will be the official wallet and will integrate the Ethereum-based token into its wallet  token 11-speed cnc cromo cassette 21 Jun 2017 Which wallets can be used to store BAT? BAT is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. We do not recommend a particular product, but some users report storing their BAT using a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and MyEtherWallet.Rhymes: -oːkən. Verb[edit]. stoken. (transitive) to poke, stoke; (transitive) to light, to start (fire); (transitive, figuratively) to stir up, to enflame (problems, emotions). Inflection[edit]. more ▽Inflection of stoken (weak). infinitive, stoken. past singular · stookte · past participle · gestookt · infinitive, stoken. gerund, stoken n.

7 Jun 2017 This BRAID Token Purchase Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made by and between. Braid Film Token Issuer, a company formed under the Companies Law of the Cayman Islands. (the “Company”), and you (“Purchaser”) pursuant to Regulation S (“Regulation S”). blockchain investment 9th Sleek & stylish messenger bag with colorful enamel (PVC) flap Adjustable shoulder strap Secure zippered compartments for easy access storage Spacious main compartment for total utility loading WaOur answer is a universally unique identifier we call the customer token. Upon account set-up we generate a customer token for you. The customer token is an alpha-numeric string that needs to be included with each log event. Generally speaking, you will continue to use that token throughout the term of your account for all  token sale soft cap 18 Jan 2018 GitHub API token scopes for Jenkins. Jenkins' scope requirements depends on the task/s you wish like to perform: admin:repo_hook - For managing hooks at GitHub Repositories level including for Multibranch Pipeline; admin:org_hook - For managing hooks at GitHub Organizations level for GitHub XML tokens are offered in two formats, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Extensible rights Markup Language (XrML).

BRIDGES The MMAC main Token Ring components consist of Token Ring Media Interface Modules (TRMIM), Token Ring Management Modules (TRMM), Token Ring Management Bridging Modules (TRMBM), and Intelligent Repeater Modules (IRM). The TRMIMs are available for both STP and UTP cabling types. invest in blockchain startups in india 28 Jun 2017 Free bet tokens can only be used for bet placement on Coral Sportsbook events and may be restricted to specific markets or events as stated in specific promotional terms. Free bet tokens can be used online, on mobile or via Telebet. Free bet token will expire within 7 days of issue, unless otherwise stated Vanbrook Tokens are available in more than 100 standard designs as well as total customizable for any design you can create. We have tons of carwash tokens, amusement tokens, general purpose tokens and more. token utility 5 Jul 2017 and multi-million dollar token sales are commonplace, as are front-page headlines from traditional news outlets discussing Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICOs, tokens, hard forks, and other technical topics…Interested, i prefer token for token trade for one of the following: Rainbow: Rainbow Bow Ocean's Archer: Ocean's Archer Legs and Feet, Ocean's Archer Crossbow Advent Calender 2017: Wreath Shield Novtumberfest 2017: Party fever walk override, Carrying steins resting, Novtumberfest dance emotes

27 May 2017 That new model is here, and it's based on the idea of an appcoin or token: a scarce digital asset based on underlying technology inspired by Bitcoin. While indisputably frothy, as of this writing the token sector sits at a combined market cap in the tens of billions. These new “fat protocols” may eventually  ico coin gratis 19 Dec 2017 In this article, the term "S-Tokens" refers to tokens that are currently securities, but eventually will or may not be securities, because they have or will have some anticipated use or utility on an issuer's platform, and not to tokens that are digital representations of securities (such as tokens representing Software Token for cryptographic authentication. stoken is a software token which generates one-time passwords compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens. SecurID tokens are commonly used to authenticate end users to protected network resources and VPNs, as OTPs provide greater resistance to many attacks  z ico coins Thus, if the type is int (the default), you might write this in yylex : … yylval = value; /* Put value onto Bison stack. */ return INT; /* Return the type of the token. */ … When you are using multiple data types, yylval 's type is a union made from the %union declaration (see The Union Declaration). So when you store a token's value, Contact us today-Superior Press can manage the complete token fulfillment process for your bank. We offer on-site and off-site order staging, fulfillment and inventory tracking of tokens for banks.

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Hi there, I'm having an issue with a captcha on a form for this website. I attached a screenshot. Where the captcha is, it says, 'Error for site owner. Stoken expired.' I went into the backend to update this but it seems everything is up to date. When I view the page on my Mac, it looks normal, but on my phone,  ico 40 days 9 Nov 2017 Make note of the broadcaster ID (bid) and channel ID (cid) for the desired channel. To find your IDs, simply go to your “publish settings” for your live channel and look at the iframe code: Input the integers and string into the following: GET http(s)://{stream_type}/b/{bid}/c/{cid}.As in previous years, all visitors to the show will receive a free Dream Dram token to redeem against a range of truly outstanding whiskies from the exhibitors – some with selling prices in the thousands of pounds. Dream Drams are the rarest, most sought after whiskies at the show, which have a minimum RRP of £500. j ico ratings I played a game as lux and got an S but I didn't get a mastery 6 token. I did get a chest with her so I definitely know that I got an S and when I look at my champion page, it says my highest rank this season with her is an S. Is there some kind of restriction on getting them or am I doing something wrong?9 Oct 2017 Our whitelisting process is complete and we are ready to commence the AirSwap Token sale. Thank you for your patience as the process The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that securely stores your private keys so that nobody can physically access them. To use one for the sale it will also require 

18 Sep 2017 I have saved token in my db like this – O:18:“Infusionsoft/Token”:4:{s:11:“accessToken”;s:24:“TOKEN”;s:12:“refreshToken”;s:24:“TOKEN”;s:9:“endOfLife”;i:1505579389;s:9:“extraInfo”;a:2:{s:10:“token_type”;s:6:“bearer”;s:5:“scope”;s:27:“full|”;}}  cryptocurrency stocks Creating a one-off charge is a two-step process: Securely collect payment information using tokenization; Use the payment information in a charge request. Client-side tokenization is the method Stripe uses to collect card information directly from your customers in a secure manner. During this process, a token representing An ultimate token management plugin with amazing features. initial coin offering français Symbol, SUR. Token sale opening date. 11. Jul 2017. 6 months ago. Token sale closing date. 11. Aug 2017. 5 months ago. Concept. Suretly is a provider of an international crowd vouching platform. The company offers users an investment alternative called crowd vouching, which allows customers to make money vouching To pick up the new token(s) at branch: The new token(s) will be available at the branch on 5 business days after receive email and will be picked up either the Super User or his authorized person. To pick up the new token(s), please bring the following documents: 1. Super User's document. Citizen ID card or; 13-digit 

Nested conversations; 7.3. Starting conversations with GET requests; 7.4. Requiring a long-running conversation; 7.5. Using <s:link> and <s:button>; 7.6. Success messages; 7.7. Natural conversation ids; 7.8. Creating a natural conversation; 7.9. Redirecting to a natural conversation; 7.10. Workspace management. 7.10.1. k blockchain companies to invest in 2017 Entities that are registered as Token Service Providers by EMVCo should confirm their compliance and validation requirements with the applicable payment brand(s). Q 2. When are the PCI TSP Security Requirements effective? A: The TSP Security Requirements are active upon publication. Effective dates for compliance to Revoking a user's token(s) does not revoke the user's PE account. If a user's account is revoked, all tokens associated with that user account are also automatically revoked. Note: If a remote user generates a token and then is deleted from your external directory service, the deleted user cannot log into the console. However  best way to invest in blockchain replacement 24 Nov 2017 However, any cross-site scripting vulnerability can be used to defeat token, Double-Submit cookie, referer and origin based CSRF defenses. .. fully matches so we block the request! (%s != %s) ", Origin, sourceURL); (accessDeniedReason); ror(HttpServletResponse.2017년 11월 26일 시작은 무조건 중간 숲으로 시작함 멀리건은 전투개구리 문어 하늘야크 대창(대창잡혔으면 토써도 고려할만하다) 상대가 레드랑 Y러쉬가 아닌이상 체력 신경쓰지말자 무조건 상대랑 반대방향 (상대가 러쉬일때는 한쪽에선 하베스팅하고 반대쪽에만 생물깔자) 실험실패 아껴쓰자 옐로랑 GB가 상대일땐 하늘야크가 

10 Jun 2017 An access token of [algobot] account was first leaked 2015-12-02 in this [Travis CI job log] of [] project due to incorrect handling of output from command `git clone` (or a `ghpages` module to be more specific.) Since then, the configuration of that project seems to have been changed not to  mtoken pbz Northern Ireland BELFAST CORPORATION TRANSPORT TOKEN - "S" Token | eBay!Converted Mana Cost: 7. Types: Artifact. Card Text: At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that card, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie. It gains haste until end of turn. Expansion: Hour of Devastation (Rare) Hour of Devastation. Rarity:. blockchain trading platform xp How to change the password using the Safent Client to access your EV Code Signing Certificate for your eToken device.TxHash, Age, From, To, Quantity. 0x312bb7722661c4831c33c5e221eb10adc24a28fe6d7aaaec5ea0f17b7c48edaa, 72 days 4 hrs ago, 0x62d71dca575eb7774d4aa8cc67172760c7945c9d · 0x2164b9c3653773a9fe2f5d2aa39d9de9b2eb3441, 50,000.

S/370 Figure 10: IBM Token-Ring Network Connectivity release." An enhancement to the original token-ring architecture, early token release allows multiple "frames," or units, of data to be on the ring at the same time. Thus, a workstation on the ring now can transmit a token immediately after sending a frame of data, rather  u initial coin offerings 28 Sep 2015 Digital tokens have come to the fore recently, firstly with excitement about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, then with digital tokens being used to represent different assets on a blockchain. What are they? How can you digitise a token? Why is it important? When I hear the word 'token' I think of round plastic func (*FileSet) Position ¶. func (s *FileSet) Position(p Pos) (pos Position). Position converts a Pos p in the fileset into a Position value. Calling on(p) is equivalent to calling onFor(p, true). ico crypto monnaie Created by. 3PLez6FKNr3fYKAg on Tuesday, Nov 14 2017 15:14. Quantity: 10000 (4 decimals). Website. To update your website: Send any token to 3PE9n5HRUsU6kjknatxPfvam7WmKy8EJcRW with. WEBSITE 2rA4RUGS7HSUykQgwU4ADygmFXYBp7EnDpJmM8jypemq (It will only work if the 21 Nov 2017 Hi everyone, what do you think is the most secure way to hold your erc-20 tokens? I am currently using metamask, but the more tokens I accumulate or transfer, the more i am feeling a bit unsecure about a simple chrome extension ( Chrome Extension!!) I have heard you can also use a ledger nano s?